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Doll House

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In pursuit of making secondary education result oriented, illuminating and invigorating, it was rather vital and imminently imperative to lay a firm foundation and strong base through primary education from standary V to VII in the fond & cherished memory of his daughter "Shrilekha" under the aegis of "Shrilekha Hiralal Shah Primary Section". Correspondingly from the same year, secondary section got momentum and started functioning in the ultramodern premises duly equiped with latest gazettes & amenities and named as "Matruchhaya Kanya Vidyalaya".

After completion of the studies up to secondary education i.e. up to Xth standard, it would be appropriate higher secondary education were made available in the same school. This concept was empatically opined and echoed by the parents and guardians of the school children. The trust acceded and approved this bonafide & plausible concepts and consequently "Harish Chhotalal Shah higher secondary section" was started in 1978 in as a result of healthy donation from Shri Chhotalalbhai Nanalal Shah in the fond memory of his son.

It has been aptly said that vitality of any edifice depends upon the solidarity of its foundation and in pursuance there of for inculcating and emulating this concept in educating girls from the base, standard I to IV were started from 1984.

In view of the constant and persistent demand from the guardians for educating building girls the "Matruchhya Doll House" was started in 1986 from the donation of Late Sheth Nathubhai Vishanji Trust.

At this juncture parents who had girls as well as boys complained that their sons were deprived of the healthy educational environment which their daughters were getting. So in 2000 "Matruchhaya Boys School" too started.

Thus a drop that befall on the educational soil has assumed voluminous dimensions and stautre of an ocean. In other words, the school is enviving the fragrance with its paraphernalia starting from Doll House to XII standard scattered over 3600 children being educated and imparts knowledge in 61 classes.

The school has completed journey of more than 3 decades. We say so though we are aware & conscious of what Shakespere said: " We are perfect in imperfection". " No Purity is so absolute that some impurity doth not pollute".

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